What do the colours in Class Track represent?

We call the colours as follows:

Grey – Not being assessed/Haven’t been assessed.
Red – Not understanding the objective.
Amber – Showing signs of understanding the objective/Basic understanding of the objective.
Green – Understanding on a regular basis/Achieved skill.
Purple – Embedded skill/Working at a greater depth.

However as a school you can interpret the colours to be what ever stage you wish, we can then replicate this in reports

How do Points match Best Fit Judgements?

While OTrack do not have a formal conversion for Points to Best Fit, we are happy to work with Schools to use their own conversions to match the two systems together.

Can OTrack produce a Summative Judgement for me based on my Formative Assessments?

While OTrack won’t automatically fill in a Summative Judgement it is possible to get a suggestion report.

Before we can do this we would need to know the school’s theory for the number/percentage of statements marked as green or purple that determine the judgement.

While this feature won’t form part of the app it is possible to produce a report in OTrack – please contact us to discuss your needs.