This admin guide will take you through adding and updating User Accounts, if you are using Class Track.

Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Admin and select User Management.

Step 2

Select + Add User to create a new account, or click the edit icon to edit a current account.

Step 3 - OTrack Login

For access to OTrack please enter an email address (Username) and an alphanumeric Password (Minimum 8 Characters, Uppercase, Lowercase and a Number)

Step 4 - Class Track Login

For access to Class Track please enter in the staff member’s name, and create them a unique username and give them access to the Year group, Class or Set of pupils they teach.

Step 5 - Navigation Access

You can specify what each Staff Member has access to by ticking the both the parent and child tick boxes.

EG: For Class Track. Tick Assessments and Class Track.

Step 6 - Report Access

You can now tailor pick the reports you want each account to have, or you can click select all.

Note: If you have only given access to Best Fit/Deeper Learning Reports and you have pressed Select All (Reports) they will only be able to access Best Fit/Deeper Learning

Step 7

Make sure you click Save User

The button is located at the bottom of the screen.

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