This is not a OTrack user guide.

Step 1

Select the Returns menu. Then CTF > Produce file for other application.

Step 2

The Select pupils for CTF output dialog is displayed.

Make sure following checkboxes contain a tick:

  • BasicDetails
  • LookedAfter
  • SENhistory
  • Attendance
  • AttendanceSessions
  • StageAssessments
  • SchoolHistory
  • FSMHistory

Click the Select button.

Step 3

A menu is displayed.

Select All records. The list of pupils is displayed.

Step 4

Select the Top Pupil and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list, hold the Shift Key and select the Bottom Pupil. All the pupils are highlighted.

Click Validate button

Step 5

The CTF errors dialog is displayed.

Click the Generate button. A confirmation prompt is displayed.

Step 6

Click Yes. Another confirmation prompt is displayed.

Step 7

Click Yes. The Generate CTF File dialog is displayed.

Step 8

Click OK (you do not need to provide any information). A confirmation message is displayed once the file has been successfully produced.

Step 9

Click OK to close the message.

You can now upload the CTF file you have produced into O-Track use the related guide below to see how

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