This is not an OTrack user guide.

Step 1

Once in SIMS, navigate to the Routines menu.

Select Data Out > CTF > Export CTF.

Step 2

Select General as the CTF Export Type and click the Select button.

Step 3

Put a tick against every box apart from Student Address and Student Contact.

Step 4

Right-click under Destination LA/Other and select Select All from the popup menu.

Step 5

Select the destination local authority from the drop down.

This can either be your Local Authority or Doncaster (Where OTrack is based)

Click the Export CTF button.

Step 6

A confirmation prompt is displayed, click Yes on the pop up box.

Step 7

You get a message box at the end showing the name of the file, click OK.

To upload please see the related guides below.

If you are a single school account please use CTF Import

If you are part of a joint account please use Upload a File

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