This will take you through selecting and creating new groups for you to use.

Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Settings and select Show/Hide Favourites.

Step 2

In the drop down box to the left of your screen, select Specific or Intervention Groups.

(The following steps are exactly the same for both pages)

Step 3

In the search box, type in the group you want to add/use, if it is available it will appear in the left hand box, if not Add as new Favourite will appear to the right hand side of the search box.

Step 4 - Available Groups

Select the group you wish to use and click the arrow to move it across, it will appear in the Selected Groups box.

Step 5 - Add as New Favourite

Select Add as New Favourite, it will then add into the Selected Groups box.

To add pupils to these groups please see the related guide below