Class Track by Term is only available through OTrack. There is not an App for this Version.

Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Assessments and Select Class Track by Term.

Step 2

Select the Group/Class of pupils you wish to assess.

Step 3

Select the Subject/Area you wish to assess.

Step 4

Select the POS (Year group objectives) you are assessing against.

Step 5

Select your Term and Click Show Assessment


Note: You only change the 4th Drop Down if you are entering previous year data.

Step 6

Assess against each pupil using the Colours.

You can Flood Fill, by clicking the colour next to Change All (on the left).


The faded colours show how the pupils were previously assessed, you only need to choose a new colour if there assessment outcome is different.

EG: Alexandra Edwards at Autumn End was Orange for one objective, now we are in the Spring Mid Term, and she is still Orange, I leave that assessment box as it is.

Colour Coding withing Class Track

Grey – Not being Assessed.
Red – Not Understanding the objective.
Amber – Showing Signs of Understanding the Objective.
Green – Understanding on a Regular Basis.
Purple – Embedded Skill.