This is a guide for making assessments in Class Track.

Step 1 - Log In

Using the top menu, navigate to the Assessments Tab and select Class Track.

Step 2 - Pupils

Find and Select the Year Group or Class you are assessing. (If you only have access to one Class, you do not need to do this)

Step 3 - Subject/Subject Area

Find and Select the subject / area of the curriculum, you wish to assess.

Step 4 - Filter POS

You are able to simplify this next screen by clicking Filter by ‘POS’ and selecting the Year groups’ Programme of Study (POS) – or you can scroll through the objectives to find the relevant ones.

Step 5 - Add Objective

Once you have found the objective, select ADD, or if you want to assess multiple objectives, use the tick boxes to the left of objectives, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Add All Selected.

Step 6 - Colour Code

The objective has now been added and you can assess the class against the objective/s chosen.

If you would like to Flood Fill:

Click Show Flood-fill options on the right (above pupil names), then change all (on the objective)

Colour Coding for STAR Tracker

Reading,Writing & SPAG                 Maths –This is based on statements achieved.

Grey – Not being Assessed.                             Grey – Not being Assessed.    
Red – 0 Stars                                                          Red – 0 Stars
Amber – 1 Star                                                      Amber – 0 Star
Green – 2 Stars                                                     Green – 1 Stars
Purple – 3 Stars                                                     Purple – 1 Stars