Welcome to OTrack, this will give you a basic overview of our system.

Step 1 - Home Page

The OTrack homepage has lots of information on it.

You can keep up to date with our developments via the News Feed along with seeing what New Reports have been developed.

You have very easy Navigation with everything set out in a user friendly way.

Home Page User Guide

Step 2 - EYFS

Our Early Years tracking is a comprehensive, yet simple tool to use.

You can record your Early Excellence Baseline Results. We can also import these for you.

For EYFS development matters, we have a very easy to use screen. You can enter your results by pupil, or by aspect. Across the top of the screen you have all the Age Bands, and you simply type a B, D or S into the relevant box.

We also have an End of EYFS results screen which can be exported to your MIS.

EYFS Data Entry

Step 3 - KS1-2 Summative

In OTrack we let you track how you want. We have two systems in place for Summative Tracking.

These are Best Fit and Deeper Learning.

Best Fit: This system is based around a 3,6 or 9 step ladder system, however we can customise it to fit in with Assertive Mentoring which is a 4 step system.

Best Fit Data Entry

Deeper Learning: This system is based around a 7 step non-linear system. This has been specifically designed with the New Curriculum in mind. We can also customise this system to fit with the Focus 8 step model, and some 5 step models too.

Deeper Learning Data Entry

Step 4 - KS1-2 Formative (Class Track)

Our Formative Tracker is very easy to use. You generally only have the pupils who you teach, so you don’t have to go in and find them. All the Subjects are split into the different areas to make finding objectives simple. Once in a subject area you see all the objectives in order of POS (programme of study) which makes SEN assessments very simple.

We have filters in the system so you can only see the current POS objectives, as well as the user being able to customise how their subject areas are ordered.

We have several ‘Off the Shelf’ contents ready to enable, but we can also import your schools own objectives.

Making Class Track Assessments

Step 5 - Reporting

We pride ourselves on our reporting system, all of our reports are cutomisable and we create completely new reports for schools.

We have a report for everything. From Ofsted Ready reports to parent reports.

Here are some of our Key Reports.

Key Reports – EYFS

Key Reports – Best Fit

Key Reports – Deeper Learning

Key Reports – Class Track

OTrack doesn’t just track progress, addition features include:

  • Pupil Progress Meeting Notes
  • Intervention Provision Mapping
  • Online Reporting to Parents
  • Behaviour Tracking
  • Phonics Tracking