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Step 1 - In Year Attainment Overview

This report colour codes pupils’ attainment to show if the pupil is on track to achieve their end of year expectation using attainment expectations which you can set.

Step 2 - Context Diminishing the Difference

This report tracks the difference in attainment in every year group between your chosen contextual group over time

Step 3 - Distribution on pupils at each stage

This report plots pupils on a grid based on their attainment through previous Summer, Autumn, Spring and Summer. Each programme of study (PoS) is split into the school’s predefined threephase judgements

Step 4 - Current Attainment Venn Diagram

This report plots pupils who are on track for age related expectations within a Venn diagram for reading, writing and maths.

Step 5 - Whole School - Summative on Track and Termly Target Analysis

This report plots all pupils on a grid who have data within the term. Each programme of study is split in to your three pre-defined judgements.

Note: All reports are customisable, if a report doesn’t meet your requirements please give the helpdesk a call on 01302 360 246, email or raise a support ticket through