Step 1 - Attainment Stage Suggestion

This report will suggest a stage to enter each pupil summatively based on a pre-set percentage¹ this page can then be printed off and used to help with the end of term summative judgement. Clicking the plus next to a pupil will allow you to look further into the judgement and see what the percentage of attainment is in each subject for that pupil.

¹ The percentages can be changed individually to work for you school, to change these please contact the helpdesk.

Step 2 - Pupil Subject Development

This report can be used to send home to parents or on parents’ evenings, the report will group together each statement into four different areas based on a pupil’s attainment so far in the year. The report can also be used to target set based on the objectives a pupil is not showing signs of understanding.

Step 3 - Assessment Progress

This report shows the learning outcomes and pupils within the year group and where the pupils were at the last date of assessment for each learning outcome.

You can view up to 5 times of assessment for each objective.

Step 4 - Depth of Knowledge by Term

This report will show the percentage of statements covered and understood by pupils in each term through the year, clicking on the plus next to a pupils name will allow you to look further into that pupils attainment in each area of a subject.

There is also a half term version and whole school version available.

Note: All reports are customisable, if a report doesn’t meet your requirements please give the helpdesk a call on 01302 360 246, email or raise a support ticket through