These reports are for each different Deeper Learning system.

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Reports and select Deeper Learning

Step 1 - Mapping Attainment

This report is a simple mapping grid style report. It gives you the number and percentage of pupils working at each stage.

Step 2 - Whole School - Summative on Track and Termly Target Analysis

This report shows the number and percentage of pupils achieving their expectations. SOT refers to Summative On Track and Progress refers to Termly Targets.

It can be viewed whole school, by key stage or by year group.

Step 3 - Current Attainment Venn Diagram

This report plots pupils that are currently achieving their ‘Summative On Track Target’ in Deeper Learning.

You can also look against Termly Targets.

Step 4 - In Year Attainment Overview

This report colour codes pupils’ attainment to identify whether or not the pupil is attaining their Summative On Track expectation.

You can also look against Termly Targets.

Note: All reports are customisable, if a report doesn’t meet your requirements please give the helpdesk a call on 01302 360 246, email or raise a support ticket through