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Step 1 - Mapping attainment and Progress

This report plots pupils on a grid based on their attainment through Entry, Autumn, Spring and Summer. Each age band is split into Beginning, Developing and Secure. The Aqua boxes are age related expectations for reception pupils, the Yellow are for nursery 2 children (N2 (-1)) and the Orange are for nursery 1 children (N1 (-2))

Step 2 - Good level of development Tracking

This report tracks pupil’s attainment and identifies pupils that are on track or not for a ‘Good Level of Development’ (GLD). The DFE state that a pupil will have reached a GLD if they have attained the expected levels at the end of reception in the 12 Development Matters aspects shown in this report.

Step 3 - Steps Progress

This report shows the ‘level’s pupils have attained through the year and also how many steps progress they have made since the start of the year and also progress term on term (* – please note that term progress is always from the end of the previous term to the latest assessment recorded in the given term).

Step 4 - At Risk of Delay Pupils

This report shows pupils at risk of delay using the age band that they are working at and their age in months.

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