This guide will help you with our KS2 Test Outcomes Module and Report Suite.

Step 1 - Navigation

Using the top menu, navigate to Assessments and select Key Stage Outcomes.

Step 2 - Entry

The screen defaults to Year 6, so you can enter your data straight away.

Select the tab to change to a different data entry section.

  • KS2 Test Raw Scores
  • KS2 Test Outcome
  • KS2 Teacher Assessment
  • KS1 Results
  • Calculated Scores (Read only)
Step 3 - Validation

Click on the green ‘i’ icon in the tab to check out what codes you can enter and what each code means.

If you enter an incorrect value, a red box appears and shows what can be entered.


Step 4 - Check

Check each screen for any gaps – each pupil will need data in each box for the reports to analyse your data.

Step 5 - Reports

To run data analysis reports against the data you have entered – simply use the Top Menu to navigate to Reports and then select Key Stage Outcomes.

From here you will have a list of reports that you can click on and run.

If you would like us to run the reports for you and pop them into a 25+ page ‘PDF Reports Pack’ please email:

Please include:

  • School name
  • Schools DFE number
  • Your name
  • The email address(es) you want the PDF document sending to
  • The date the data will be completed in OTrack

Please note: ‘Reports Pack’ requests must be sent to us before 4pm to guarantee that you will receive the pack the next working day morning.