Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Assessments and Select Class Track by Term.

Step 2

Select the Group/Class of pupils you wish to assess.

Step 3

Select the Subject/Area you wish to assess.

Step 4

Select the POS (Year group objectives) you are assessing against.

Step 5

Select your Term and Click Show Assessment


Note: You only change the 4th Drop Down if you are entering previous year data.

Step 6

Assess against each pupil using the Colours.

You can Flood Fill, by clicking the colour next to Change All (on the left).

Your Colour Coding

Grey – Not being Assessed.
Red – Taught but not understood.
Amber – Partially met/Not fully Secure.
Green – Independently secure.
Purple – Embedded Skill/Using without prompts.

If the pupil is on the same colour as the previous assessment point. You do not need to re-colour that pupil.