Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Assessments and select Deeper Learning – Reach2.

Step 2

Populate the Blue Bar with your Year Group, Class and the Term.

Step 3

Want to Flood Fill? Click Here

Flood Fill for each subject if you wish, then edit pupils attainment individually.

Step 4

Click in the Box and enter your judgement using your four stages.

1WT = Working Towards Year 1, A = Aspiring, OT = On Track, M = Met – This screen auto saves

If a child is below their current year group, then precede the code with the relevant number. Eg a child in Year 5 is Aspiring on the Year 4 curriculum so enter a 4A.


Step 5

Next you can click the grey arrow, this will show a pop up box which will allow you to select whether a pupil is making good progress or not.


The Arrow will now change showing pupils who are not making good progress with a down-pointing, red arrow. Pupils who are deemed to be making good progress will be shown with an up-pointing green arrow.

Step 6

The tick box will allow you to highlight exceptional pupils. Click the grey tickbox and select “Yes”, the tick will then be highlighted green to show exceptional pupils.

Note: A pupil can only be marked as exceptional if they have met all standards and have been marked with an ‘M’.

Definition of Exceptional:

This pupil has been assessed as having ‘Met’ all of the REAch2 ‘Milestones’ of their chronological year group and demonstrated the ability to apply them successfully and consistently, along with all other aspects of the core subjects appropriate to the year group, across a wide range of subjects and challenging contexts. In the teachers’ professional judgement, it is developmentally appropriate now for this child to be working within the curriculum content of a year group above their chronological age