Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Assessments and Select Class Track by Term

Step 2

Populate the Blue Bar with: Group of Pupils (Year Group, Class or Set), Subject Area, Program of Study (POS), Whether you are entering for Current or Previous Year and The Term.

Click Show Assessment

Step 3

Across the top you will see pupil names, down the side all the milestones for that year group and subject area.

REAch 2 – Colour coding:

Grey – Not being Assessed.
Red – Working Towards.
Amber – Aspiring.
Green – On Track.
Purple – Met.

REAch 4 – Colour coding:

Grey – Not being Assessed.
Red – Aspiring.
Amber – On Track.
Green – Met.
Purple – Greater Depth.

If the pupil is on the same colour as the previous assessment point. You do not need to re-colour that pupil.