The data drop deadlines for academic year 2017/18 are:

Entry – 30/10/2017 | Autumn End – 15/01/2018 | Spring End – 23/04/2018 | Summer End – 05/07/2018

Step 1

Using the Top Menu, navigate to Assessments and select EYFS.

Step 2

Select EYFS by Aspect.

Populate the Blue Bar with your Year Group, Class, Term and Aspect.

Step 3

You are now able to Flood Fill for each subject. You can then edit pupils attainment individually.

Step 4

Click in the Box for the Age Band they are working within and enter either a B, D or S.




Note: Only one Age Band to be filled for each Term.

EYFS Termly Data Entry has Ghost Grades, these indicate at what stage each pupil was at the last time of assessment, you will see these next to the entry boxes.

This screen Auto Saves